Mobile Media Gaming and more?

Today I am going to talk about something a little bit different.  Mobile technology and the gaming world. The rise of new forms of technoloogy haven’t just affected forms of social media but they’ve also had an impact of the gaming world. Long ago children played out side instead of in doors, but now that we are reaching the peak of the information age playing indoors is becoming more and more common.  One of the pros that mobile technology has had on gaming is it is slowly transitioning “video gaming” into a social event. If you’re like me I’ve always looked at playing video games as a solitary event that is meant for only one person but because of the rise of mobile technology, kids are connecting everyday ten times aday through their phones to play old games like; scrabble masked as “words with friends” .  Mobile technology has taken interacting with your friends to a whole new level. Now I’m not  just video chatting, texting, emailing, and facebooking but I’m also playing games just like I would if I were with them in person. Mobile technology has taken cyber interaction to another level, an almost unreal connection.

There are some cons about gaming in the mobile media realm. Although these games are fun they are also time consuming. They are creating an even bigger problem with people being consumed by there phone because of  the many options your phone or mobile device gives you. People are slowly forgetting what down time is like because  now work, school and social obligations follow them around on this little device and through gaming in the mix and we’ll never want to put it down! I think that mobile media is a great example of how we are advancing, but I also believe that we should set it on the back burner for now and as PR professionals focus on the face to face relationships that are so valuable in our field.


February 22nd Mobile Technology is Growing!

Mobile technology is growing at an extremely high rate in our fast paced world. It has grown so much within the last ten years and it is crazy to think where it may lead us in the future. There are so many pros to mobile technology. Let’s start out by talking about how it keeps us all linked in and linked up! One great aspect of mobile media today is the convenience. For example, when my class gets out early, instead of being bored and unproductive I can whip out my iphone and work on some homework for the next class.  Another pro is the quick responses you receive through email, one doesn’t have to wait till they get home turn on the dial up and wait 15 minutes because now our phones, ipads, and ect. have such easy access.

Brian Solis, a known expert in the PR world, has written about the rise of new media and the changes it will have on Public Relations as we now know it. He sheds light on mobile marketing and the new face of PR by explaining how we are changing our ways. One example is how we are going about reaching our audiences. Mr.Solis would like to see a 1-to1-to many change from the traditional approach of 1-to many. He predicts this will help us reach more people faster. One of the negatives about mobile media are the increase in social media. Yes, I know social media is exciting and new but it is leading to the extinction of real journalism. We all might think this couldn’t be true because we will always need fact checkers and people who really know what they are doing. A resent study shows a positive correlation between the growth of mobile media and the growth of social media. This is because of the ease and readiness it offers. Our country is always striving to be better, faster, more efficient and on top of whatever the “new trend” may be.

My question remains, is mobile media a positive change in our society? The answer to this question will differ from one generation to another. Most of us think  mobile media is a positive change because it link us to our friends, makes us more efficient during our down times, but others would argue that the younger generations are consumed with it, by always staring at their phones forgetting to look up and notice the real world around them.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog about mobile technology.  My name is Jill Highsmith and I am a Senior at the University of West Florida. I am majoring in public relations. One thing that I have always found fascinating is the growing rate of technology and social media. In todays world they seem to be interlocking. This blog is going to be about the pros and cons of the mobile media.  In my book mobile media refers to iphones, ipads, androids,blackberries, macbooks, the list goes on!  Mobile technology is changing public relations at an unbelievable rate.  Just ten years ago it would have taken weeks to get out a press release and now we are doing it faster then ever with just a press of a button. There are many pros about mobile technology but there are a few cons that I will touch on throughout my blog. I dont want to spoil anything just yet but one obvious con is the loss of face to face contact. In away though that has already been taken care of with  the iphones new addition of  face-time creating a medium where two people can be on opposite sides of the planet and still have a face to face conversation.  The rate that technology has grown in the last 10  to 15 years is astounding. I am very eager  to see where it goes in the future. Also to clarify when I talk about mobile technology I’m not just referring to the objects we use, as i listed above I am mainly referring to mobile media. Which encompasses all forms of social media, gaming systems anything you could imagine. As the new trend says “there’s an app for that”.

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