Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog about mobile technology.  My name is Jill Highsmith and I am a Senior at the University of West Florida. I am majoring in public relations. One thing that I have always found fascinating is the growing rate of technology and social media. In todays world they seem to be interlocking. This blog is going to be about the pros and cons of the mobile media.  In my book mobile media refers to iphones, ipads, androids,blackberries, macbooks, the list goes on!  Mobile technology is changing public relations at an unbelievable rate.  Just ten years ago it would have taken weeks to get out a press release and now we are doing it faster then ever with just a press of a button. There are many pros about mobile technology but there are a few cons that I will touch on throughout my blog. I dont want to spoil anything just yet but one obvious con is the loss of face to face contact. In away though that has already been taken care of with  the iphones new addition of  face-time creating a medium where two people can be on opposite sides of the planet and still have a face to face conversation.  The rate that technology has grown in the last 10  to 15 years is astounding. I am very eager  to see where it goes in the future. Also to clarify when I talk about mobile technology I’m not just referring to the objects we use, as i listed above I am mainly referring to mobile media. Which encompasses all forms of social media, gaming systems anything you could imagine. As the new trend says “there’s an app for that”.


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