Mobile Media Gaming and more?

Today I am going to talk about something a little bit different.  Mobile technology and the gaming world. The rise of new forms of technoloogy haven’t just affected forms of social media but they’ve also had an impact of the gaming world. Long ago children played out side instead of in doors, but now that we are reaching the peak of the information age playing indoors is becoming more and more common.  One of the pros that mobile technology has had on gaming is it is slowly transitioning “video gaming” into a social event. If you’re like me I’ve always looked at playing video games as a solitary event that is meant for only one person but because of the rise of mobile technology, kids are connecting everyday ten times aday through their phones to play old games like; scrabble masked as “words with friends” .  Mobile technology has taken interacting with your friends to a whole new level. Now I’m not  just video chatting, texting, emailing, and facebooking but I’m also playing games just like I would if I were with them in person. Mobile technology has taken cyber interaction to another level, an almost unreal connection.

There are some cons about gaming in the mobile media realm. Although these games are fun they are also time consuming. They are creating an even bigger problem with people being consumed by there phone because of  the many options your phone or mobile device gives you. People are slowly forgetting what down time is like because  now work, school and social obligations follow them around on this little device and through gaming in the mix and we’ll never want to put it down! I think that mobile media is a great example of how we are advancing, but I also believe that we should set it on the back burner for now and as PR professionals focus on the face to face relationships that are so valuable in our field.


One thought on “Mobile Media Gaming and more?

  1. This is so true! When you are walking down the street or driving your car you constantly see people glued to their smart phones. Now that mobile devices have the accessories and capabilities they do it is hard to put them down. Many kids now are wrapped up in gaming, text messaging, skyping, emailing, face-booking, posting tweets and more; it is taking countless hours in their day. My dad always used to say, “I remember when we were happy to have a open field, sunshine and a baseball bat”. To think that that was just 40 years ago mind boggles me, so much has changed. Media and technology is ever changing and has so much further to go is amazing. PR professionals using mobile media to contact clients is time and money efficient but face to face interaction can not compare.

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